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Crystal clear Book Bags only!!


NOT these clear colored book bags. Clear White only

This must be something I am going to have to push. How ironic, someone commented on my post from a week or so ago today http://quitusingexcuses.com/2012/10/05/school-groundsgun-expulsion-i-thought-so-too/ they said I should run for Superintendent of our local schools. I’m gonna have to do something. Today my daughter (an elementary school student) came home stating a student had brought a gun to school. They again rode the bus and transported the gun an ammunition on the school bus filled with students. Sadly AGAIN, no information provided to parents, and even worse no alert went out at the school. There hasn’t been any calls home nor notes sent with the students. If my daughter hadn’t told me I would be none the wiser. To my understanding, the students in the class saw a cartridge (bullet) on the floor it was investigated and determined who the cartridge belonged to a search of their book bag revealed a gun. Not sure if it was loaded or not but the ammunition was there, and so was the risk of students getting hurt or killed. Many schools around the country have spent the money to install metal detectors. The clear Book Bags would be at the cost of parents. We are responsible for purchasing student supplies anyways, and we are told what binders we can’t buy and what gym clothes our children must wear then make Clear Book Bags a Federal Law, for the safety and well-being of our children. I’m sure the teachers, bus drivers and other staff members would appreciate it as well, they don’t wake up in the morning to go to work at their low paying jobs to get shot. Weapons in the hands of children making it onto school property and risking other students is an issue at all schools. Public or Private, Elementary to College, all need to be Clear Book Bags only. Again this need to be Federal Law not one that each State can decide to enforce if they choose. Every State in this country deals with weapons on school property. The town her school is located in have less than a thousand people honestly there’s less than 800 people. If such a dimly populated town has the occurrence of weapons on school grounds elementary and high school, I’m sure it occurs more often in towns with more people. You know the saying the longer “the list the bigger the risk.” How many shootings have to occur on school grounds. How many weapons will students skillfully sneak pass school administrators? Today a student at a High school in Orlando,FL stabbed a female student then himself. These incidents give a whole new meaning to “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER?” Our government mandate what parents can and what parents can’t do in the privacy of our own homes. Many of us don’t think the mandates are necessary but yet they exist. This is necessary and must exist in today’s society. I also say Metal Detectors on school buses is needed as well. In most of the cases before the weapons made it to the school they first got a cozy ride on the School Bus. IT’S TIME TO MAKE CLEAR BOOK BAGS A FEDERAL LAW!!!!!