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There was a time, when I was contemplating not voting in this years Presidential election. I’ve voted every election since I turned 18. So needless to say I was struggling with my decision. I vote because it’s my voice and I vote because voices of my ancestors were brutally silenced forever because they fought for me to have this right. So as a Black Woman I find it my duty to vote. Here’s the thing. Blacks wasn’t the only race fighting for the voting rights of Blacks. White people were tortured and killed because of their support of Blacks just like Blacks. Far more Blacks were tortured and killed than any other race, but you best believe that Blacks wasn’t the only one who lost their lives. Regardless of who we vote for, anyone an everyone 18 years of age or older must vote in this an every election. Not only because you want your voice heard, not only because you should want to but because people fought for and died for you to be able to have the simple right of voting. They did their part, do yours, VOTE!!