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photo courtesy of babyresearchblogspot.com

I noticed yesterday while my daughter had company how she was acting. I observed but I didn’t acknowledge. It was another little girl she was interacting with. I watched how she walked, danced, even talked. She always speak with her hands but somehow that was different this time. So this morning on our walk to her bus stop I mentioned to her what I saw. I asked her why she was acting that way, got the typical young person answer “I don’t know”. ” I don’t know” rocks a nerve severely. I’m constantly telling my children an other young people if you don’t know why you’re doing something don’t do it. I told my daughter acting the way she was acting yesterday could get her the kind of attention she is not prepared for and does not want. I told her she wants someone to like and respect her for what she knows, not the way she looks and definitely not acting the way she was acting. I told her grown women sometimes can’t handle getting that kind of attention, and end up beaten real bad or dead. Shot, strangled, stabbed, that shouldn’t be the ending you go for. She said no. I told her you’re a little girl and you have less than 10 years to be a little girl, enjoy it while you can. Even when I’m not watching be a little girl because someone who could harm or kill you maybe watching. I told her some people look for little girls just like her so they can harm them and kill them. I told her even at school. Teachers, an other school staff/adults have hurt children so act right there too. I can see I gave her something to think about. This may seem like a lot to load onto a child on her way to school, and outside looking in I would possibly agree but for her to act that way around me and feel so free in doing so, she’s done it at school. I meant to discuss it once her friend left but I had forgotten by then so I talked to her about it when I remembered. My daughter is 9 soon to be 10 years of age and this is the first time I’m having to address this issue, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. We must encourage our young girls, and boys actually, yes, make sure when you step out, your outside appearance is up to par, but don’t try to use your body to stand out, use your mind. Gotta let em’ know they’ll find more people who’ll respect them for their minds than those who respect them for their bodies. We as parents, we gotta watch, we gotta, pray but we also must educate. It’s sad we live in a world where we are forced to educate our children on the subject of sex and rape but we do. An I’d rather educate than live with the guilt of not educating her and harm that I may have been able to prevent comes to her. Parents/Guardians, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc…. WE GOTTA LET EM’ KNOW!!!

Unfortunately, this is someone child who has been violated in one of the worst ways humanly possible, but I don’t want it to be my child or yours so we all must do all we can to keep it from being my child, your child or anyone’s child. WE ALL MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT ALL OF OUR CHILDREN!!! Photo courtesy http://article.wn.com/view/2012/08/03/Preventing_Child_Sexual_Abuse_Beyond_the_Conversation/