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It seems like the majority of Republicans agree on one thing. Cutting funding to PBS  (R) Congressman Connie Mack of FL who has missed over 100 days from work but still maintains his almost $200K salary wants to cut funding from PBS. My daughter 9 years of age, still enjoys various shows that come on PBS. Instead of watching programs too mature for her age group she watches PBS every weekday morning until it’s time for her to go to her Bus Stop. It seems they want to cut funding on what benefits the inner city the most. Top cuts, Education and Law Enforcement. Education benefit us all but the upper class can afford to pay for their children’s education. Law Enforcement the cuts affect the inner cities the most. The inner cities in just about all States deal with the most crime yet they receive the least amount of funding. These people do not and will not cut their high pay wages but they want to cut funding from everything else. Who can miss 100+ days from work and still keep their pay, who would still have a job to go to? Congressman Connie Mack who along with Mitt Romney mentioned cutting funding to PBS last night during his debate with Senator Bill Nelson. Nelson must have missed it because he failed to respond. Bottom line is Vote, no matter who you’re voting for VOTE, but pay attention to the plans of the people you choose to vote for.

Okay this is a bit extreme, but you get the message.
photo courtesy of justplainpolitics.com