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Morning Bloggers, hope all is well on this Friday Morning. I’m okay now but earlier this morning it was a scene out of Halloween. I am a City girl true and through. I go out the door to watch from a distance as my son walks to his Bus Stop (he’s too old for mommy to follow now:) but anyways I walk out the door and there’s two sets of bats flying overhead. There in some type of formation, but not V formation. Squeaking all the while, the only thing that was missing was a full moon. In my mind I was thinking I’ve never seen this happen before, it’s close to Halloween, what in the H-E double hockey sticks does this mean, LOL. I stood out there but I must say I was nervous and the little girl in me was saying run fool, but I couldn’t because my child was down the road in the dark and I was worried about him possibly getting attacked. I’m glad they just kept on flying above. This living in the Country can be rough.