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My daughter brought it to my attention that October is Bullying Awareness Month. They had the day out of school, lucky me:) to get her started I wrote down 5 questions for her to answer because she didn’t know where to begin you can ask yourself these questions and answer them as well.

1) Why is bullying awareness month important to you?

2) Why people shouldn’t bully others?

3)Would you ever be a bully, why or why not?

4)What do you think of bullied people killing themselves?

5)What do you think of bullies?

These are my daughters words on what Bullying means to her.

Bullying is important to me because if people got bullied everyday the kids would keep getting more and more scared.Some kids even want to just kill themselves. People shouldn’t bully other kids because it hurts their feeling and makes them mad and makes them want to fight back. And when you fight back you would get in just as much trouble as the person that was bullying you. I would never ever be a bully because I would get in trouble and most people would get suspended and it is just mean to people. Like when i was at my old school in 2nd grade everyday I would get bullied. Sometimes when I would go to my classroom library  which is by a table she would push the table against me. People should stop bullying because sometimes kids would just get to scared to go to school because they keep getting bullied. When people are getting bullied and people are standing by watching kids getting people bullied  instead of just standing there watching they should go find and tell an adult. I think bullies should stop being bullies and become people who stand up and speak out to bullying.STOP BULLYING STAND UP AND SPEAK UP and STOMP OUT BULLYING!

What’s the point of looking down on them if you not gonna help them up. What’s the point of looking down on them you can put your hand out to help them.

The more and more you bully the more people don’t want to be around you or go to school because it hurts their feelings.

Everybody should help stop bullying so we can feel safe to go to school.

Proud mom over here, she did a great job didn’t she. Children are little people but they are people nonetheless and they have thoughts and feelings too. You’ll be amazed at what we the adult can LEARN from a child. No one better to speak up and speak out against bullying than a child one who has been bullied and as a result she took a stance and joined the NO BULLYING CLUB at her school last year in hopes of preventing others from being bullied. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. STAND UP, SPEAK OUT and STOMP OUT BULLYING!!!