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I don’t know who created this game but it has got to be one of the craziest games known to man. Bobbing for apples, Who The H@!! created a game wherein you take a container, (choices varied) the only rules were to place your hands at your side or behind your back and the apple you put your mouth on was the apple that you had to get but you could slob in the water all you want. That’s not even the worst part, most people wanted to go last. Given you had to take the apple you put your mouth on going first with a container full of apples was found to be hard so most went towards the end. It appears people still play this game but I’ve told my children to make sure any food games they play are for individuals eating and not sharing. Seems like the person who went last had a full course meal from all who had gone before them. We, myself included used to love this game, it was almost the highlight of the party except for the “Soul train line” Costume march I like the Donuts hanging on a string better. Boy how times have changed. I told my children about this game, my daughter goes, eeeeww y’all played a game like that, ok, I get it and yes we did. Not anymore.