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My BFF I had known from the first day school at #33 school on Webster Ave in Rochester, NY. We met in our kindergarten class. We found we basically lived in the same neighborhood so we played with one another often. Not quite sure when but at some point my BFF and her family moved on the other side of town. We met back up when we started Middle School. We were in the 8th Grade when one day while heading to our lockers prior to the start of class, BFF came to me and said she was going to kill herself. When she told me I didn’t take her too seriously. Why come to school if you’re going to kill yourself? We went to our classes met up for lunch, it was while at lunch I realized she was serious. She gave me something. What I don’t remember. We’re talking more than 20 years ago here. She caught my attention then. I tried to talk her out of it as best I could during our lunch period. She was adamant, she was going to kill herself. I told her to meet me somewhere before she boarded her school bus. She was a rider I was a walker. I made it home  and right away I called her mom. Her mom did not believe me, she said …. just wanted attention, I tried to tell her I didn’t think so, but she was her mother and my elder so I said okay and hung up. I called back again not too long after my first call, to see if …. had made it home, her mom went to get her and found her in her room unresponsive. See, my BFF had taken pills just that fast and her mom told me real quick she couldn’t wake her and she had to hang up. Her mom called me later that night to tell me that …. had taken sleeping pills her stomach had to be pumped and she had to drink sugared down charcoal but she was going to be okay. She also thanked me an apologized for not believing me, none of that mattered, all that mattered to me was my BFF was getting the help she needed. Her mom also was beating herself up on the phone and back then I as a child so I acted as a child an I said I told you so, I told you she was. As I recall she said I know an I’m glad you did. I didn’t understand the need to keep her in the hospital for as long as they did back then but now I know she wasn’t get medical help she was getting professional psychological help. When I finally got the chance to see her I remember her looking a whole lot thinner. She really wasn’t too big to begin with but she was a sickly looking thin. I asked her why did she do it, it was something about her boyfriend. I don’t fully recall. For awhile I didn’t know what to say to her or not to say to her. We used to tease each other back then an I didn’t know if maybe the teasing went too far or what. She kept trying to convince me she was the same old …. but her act didn’t match her appearance. Eventually the suicide attempt was a distant memory.  We later laughed about it, I called her crazy for not talking to me and she called herself crazy for trying to kill herself for “that fool”. I’ve relocated and have long-lost communication with her, but from time to time I Google her or try to find her on FB, I haven’t had any luck so far, but I won’t give up. I share this because when someone tells you they are going to kill themselves in spite of what they have done in the past, if you think they just want attention, no matter what you think it maybe, at least check into it. If her mom had not found her, she would have most definitely accomplished what she started. She would have given a temporary problem a permanent solution. Pain can hurt but just like a stormy day, it’ll pass. Don’t end or attempt to end your life due to a temporary situation. Since none of us have a Crystal Ball far as we know, all problems are temporary. My BFF tried to take her life, an in spite of it all, I was so happy God said No. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others.