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Hurricane Sandy was a huge storm. This storm has been very deadly, and destructive. Whatever assistance you need allow your local programs to assist you. F.E.M.A. should be able to provide assistance. Neighbors help Neighbors. Please don’t let pride hurt you or your family. Now is not the time for it. You can be prideful later, once you’re out of danger. Please do not go out remain wherever you safely are. I know it’s hard you want to check on the status of your property I’ve done that too but risking your safety on the road won’t change if your home is still there or not. What I learned to do was to call if the machine came up meant we still had power and hopefully the home was still there. Once we lost power I’d call and the machine told me when the power came on and the streets were cleared of trees and debris then I came and accessed the damage. Again please stay in, where you are safe. Live wires and water does not mix. Do not risk¬†electrocution. Be as safe as you can. My prayers to the families who are grieving the lost of loved ones.