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As BREAST CANCER, ANTI-BULLYING AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH comes to a close, we must remain vigilant at all times to find a cure. Together, we can find and be the cure. Know you’re risk do your self exams, get your mammograms. Men don’t be embarrassed it’s a part of life and none of us asked for it. Bullying isn’t easy on anyone, if you are being Bullied speak up. Talk to a staff member at your school or your parent. If the school staff doesn’t respond appropriately contact your local County School Board. Many women an innocent bystanders were killed this month as a result of Domestic Violence. If someone says they are going to kill you, believe them. Accept people for who they show you they are and not who you believe they can be. Whatever changes or improvements they make can be for the next person, do your family, friends and yourself a favor leave them and don’t look back. Reminder, if anyone have a cell phone they are NOT using, please donate your unused cell phone to you local Domestic Abuse Shelter. Be Blessed people, and Be a Blessing to others.