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Good Morning!! It’s that time of year again, REPORT CARDS go home.

My son brought home his report card yesterday. He’s in 8th grade. Sadly, No Honor Roll:( He still did well. I told him I wasn’t accepting another “C” in Language Arts. Since the 5th grade he’s had A’ and B’s in all classes except Language Arts, preventing him from making Honor Roll the last few years. Well yesterday he hands me his Report Card he has an “B” in Language Arts YAY!!!, BUT, he has a “C” in Science. WHAT!! He’s always, ALWAYS got an “A” in Science. These young folks are either trying to make me pull my hair out or go grey early. He has an “A” in Advanced Pre-Algebra, I struggled with Algebra while in College, so I had to give him props for that. At the beginning of the school year his concern was he wasn’t going to be able to make Honor Roll b/c of his Art class. He got a high “B” in art, YES!! We talked about the “C” in Science says he doesn’t know what happened THINKS he may have missed one assignment, but he knows he’s to get that back up, no option. So end result 2 A’s, 3 B’s and 1 C. All of his classes are Advanced, they should be Honors Classes but the school messed up and Honors classes move too fast to have him placed on a list to come in once a spot in opened months into the future if ever. My daughter hasn’t gotten her Report card yet, she should receive her Report Card either later this week, or early next week. So without Further ado you can add your name or your child’s name on the Honor Roll, Roll Call.                              NO LAST NAMES PLEASE, FIRST NAMES OR NICK NAMES ONLY, TY