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I must get creative this Holiday Season.

I removed Pop/Soda from my diet back in May and this month I am removing sweets. Yes I have gone completely crazy. The two months when most people consume most of their sweets I totally remove mines. I hope I can stick to it. Typical Thanksgiving dessert list include Homemade Sweet Potato Pies, Cakes, Mrs. Smith Apple Pie I’ve never taken the time to learn how to make an Apple Pie and I tried Mrs. Smith ions ago and won’t buy anyone else. Stick with what I know. I’d buy some Christmas cookies and that’s about it for desserts. Most often I freeze a good portion so I don’t have to cook as many sweets again for Christmas but this year is going to be different. No sweets for ME, doesn’t mean I’m not to cook any for my family. OH, this is going to be so hard. Possibly harder than serving Pop and not drinking it. I will have to spend sometime searching for new ideas and recipes that I may be able to cook and serve. Thanksgiving is going to be interesting to say the least. New ideas don’t typically go over well with my household. Good thing is I have a couple of weeks to find ideas. Depending on how Thanksgiving turns out will decide if I stick with for Christmas and New Year’s meals. Wish me luck.