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Parents our children are crying out for help. I want to know what can we do to help them. I’ve never ran away from home, honestly can say the thought never crossed my mind. I didn’t have the perfect childhood. I knew my parents loved me but, there were still problems. Being the youngest of 13 children, having nieces, nephews and cousins all older than you, trust me that is a problem in itself. What I want to know, from a young person why did you run away and parents did you try to stop them. As the parent of a 22-year-old, I know the mouth and attitude of young people is something hard to tolerate. To stand and watch what you have loved, fed, clothed, supported, nursed, doctored, lawyered,  and the list goes on an on look you directly in your eye and tell you what they will and or will not do can take you to another place. My oldest never ran away and so far my younger children seem to be pretty much in tact. My concern is will I be able to not allow my child to walk out the door into danger, DESPITE the disrespect. I want to hear from young people who have run away from home, even if you’re grown now. You can tell us what was going on in your mind back then and looking back would you run away again? I would also like to hear from parents, while the child was gone what was life at home like? Were you okay with the child’s decision or were you concerned with their safety. Given more young people are finding themselves in these child sex slaves, sex trafficking at alarming rates and girls are more likely to fall prey to this I believe it’s an issue we need to address in hopes of stopping it. We are already behind in this issue, we need to do all we can to get ahead of it and Protect our children.