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In all the excitement yesterday I forgot about my milestone. It may not seems so big in comparison but it is to me. I’ve reached my goal of the 1st 25 pound drop!!! It took me longer than I had liked but I did it. There were many times I had thought about quitting, especially when the pounds stalled. One minute I was moving then the next thing I knew I wasn’t dropping any pounds, grant it I wasn’t gaining any but I wanted to be saying good-bye to the weight, not let’s be friends. Anyways, I’m proud and glad to say, I have reached this first goal and I found a group on Facebook who for the month of November will have no Soda or sweets and minimum carbs.  I have at least another 25 pound mile journey ahead to go, so  I’m basically right back on. I Haven’t had my Coca Cola yet, and yes I am going to have one, but only one. I thought about making it ONE TWO LITER bottle but I thought that would be too much:). I can have no more than one 20 oz bottle. Then no more until I accomplish my 2nd pound weight loss goal, for a total of 50 pounds. I’m hoping to have this done by my BD in February. So, we’ll see wish me luck.