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Now they both have Criminal records even tho’ given Ms. Lanes behavior I don’t believe this is her first offense, I could be wrong but I doubt it. 

This situation with the Cleveland Bus Driver who upper cut the passenger who was acting very disorderly is mind-boggling. I will say it seems a good portion believe that Artis Hughes the bus driver should face some type of discipline just not firing for upper cutting an unruly passenger Ms. Shidea Lane. There is a YouTube video where in it shows Mr. Hughes and Ms. Lane exchanging actually verbally attacking one another. At some point during the verbal battle Ms. Lane walks over to the Bus driver appear to hit and spit on Mr. Lane. Now before we get to what happened next it is IMO that Mr. Hughes should not have participated in a verbal altercation with this woman. He should have told her what the policy and procedures were given her the choice to abide to the rules or ask her to vacate his bus. Bus drivers have the right to refuse anyone who wish to board the bus they drive. If she refused then I can only wish he had called the police as in the video he kept saying just before he landed the uppercut to Ms. Lane’s face, “you’re going to jail now”. One can only wish Mr. Hughes had followed his first mind and called the police instead of punching Ms. Lane which as of this week has cost him his job after 22 years of service to the RTA Cleveland bus company. Via Facebook, I have read some rather harsh post towards Ms. Lane knocking her actions, justifying Mr. Hughes actions. I say they both were wrong, but he had the most to lose. Punching Ms. Lane he took a gamble and he risked it all and he’s now lost it all. The biggest mind-boggling part for me is, I wonder if people would still think the same if this man had been a cop. Instead of punching her, he would have shot her They are both public servants who provide a service to the community they serve. We complain all the time, about disorderly people who are shot for acting the way this young lady did. Many have said we live in a day or A.I.D.S. and H.I.V., yes we do, but if an Officer shoots someone for spitting on them we cry foul, especially if the Officer is white and the victim is Black. The uppercut landed to this woman’s face could have easily killed her, some MEN have never waken up from such a hit, so, why are we defending the bus driver who encounters belligerent people, while on the job, and come to the defense of belligerent people who attack officers and get shot. Where do we stand with the issue of public safety? Is it or isn’t it okay to attack a public servant and expect to get away with it, or is it or is not okay for a public servant to respond with force? You got to pick a side here people.

Here’s a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lX_tHBkosc to one of the many videos on YouTube where you can see the dispute between Mr. Hughes and Ms. Lane. You can also hear the occupants on the bus who I believe played a role in this as well but Mr. Hughes should have followed procedure for he had the most to lose. In the end Mr. Hughes has been fired from his job after over 20 years hopefully he won’t be denied unemployment or his pension. Work smarter not harder.