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I haven’t seen Kingdom Come the Movie in awhile, but I’m sure I’d find it rather hilarious still. There’s a scene where the wife wants to have placed on her husband’s headstone “MEAN AND SURLY”, we find laughter in it but it’s something to think about. Even if no one actually places this on your headstone do we want them to think this of us as we are alive or even in death. It’s ironic how the names on a Headstone are big, the year fairly big, the smallest thing on the headstone has the most power, the dash between the date of birth and the date of death. I know I didn’t know my Godfather’s birthday for a long time. I learned his date of birth I believe sometime after he passed from his obituary. What I remembered was the dash, he left a big dash. My dad thought my God Father was an awesome guy, the people at our church, my God Mother, God Siblings and many family and friends. I didn’t even know his whole name, but I knew what the little dash meant to me. Your date of birth and name you had no control of, odds are you won’t have any control of your date of death either, focus on your dash which is something you do have control of. Q.U.E., and do unto others as you’d have others do unto you!