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I can’t believe I’ve waited this long. Saturday I wanted to post that I was able to wear a pair of Capri pants that I hadn’t been able to wear earlier this year and I am in another pair today. Saturday I was like I gotta blog about this but then I was like well if I blog about it today what will I say on Tuesday, lol. So I forced myself to not blog about it but then here’s Tuesday and I wait to tell it, go figure. I am so proud of me. I just gotta get my exercise on, I have truly slacked off. My motivation is low and I don’t know why because the pay off has been great. I’m getting my clothes back. I had been saying I need new clothes but I didn’t want to buy a bigger size, well I have the next best thing. Clothes I like back in the wearable section and they look new. I’m looking forward to the day when everything I have is too big and I can shop for my healthy size.