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I hope the state doesn’t mess up this case The state of Florida vs George Zimmerman like they did the case of Casey Anthony vs The State of Florida. I am looking for Angela Corey and her team to go after Mark O’marra and George Zimmerman with everything they think they have and more. No EVIDENCE SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND!! Come on Florida, do we have to be the example of how not to do everything the wrong way by doing everything the wrong way? I’m glad I wasn’t born here but living here is starting to get rather embarrassing as well.  No rock should be left unturned, I hope all this time the state is using it wisely and gathering ALL EVIDENCE and DOING THEIR RESEARCH, NOW!!! Had so much evidence that was in the hands of the State been presented in the case of Casey Anthony she still may not have gotten Capital Punishment but she would not have gotten totally off regarding the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony.