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Man I loved watching this young brotha do his thang on the screen. RIP Merlin Santana

Somethings are just better unknown. In 2002 I recall the day I heard Merlin Santana had been shot in the head while sitting in a car in California. What I didn’t know was the details surrounding his case. Or I had forgotten. Either way I watched Celebrity Crime Files last night and I was disgusted by what I learned. I kinda wish I hadn’t watched it. To learn that this young talented, handsome and yes by all appearances arrogant but sexy man was gun down because a little girl lied and said he raped her had me fuming. Before they announced her age I had all kinds of words for her and none were nice, but at the time she was 15 years old so I wasn’t going to disrespect someone’s child but her lie b/c of possible lack of attention caused the death of one man, and sent two other men to prison for nothing. This young lady was sentenced as an adult for her role in the death of Merlin Santana but 10 years seems like nothing. Total disregard and disrespect for human life. Fellows make sure you know the age of these females y’all are dealing with. It’s possible had this child not only lied about who she was but how old she was, had he known her real age it’s possible he wouldn’t have had any dealings with her and may be alive today. Prayers of Peace and Blessings to his daughter who never got a chance to know her father all because a little girl tried to play an adult game and couldn’t handle the hand she was dealt. I honestly would like to hear from this woman today. She should be about 25-26 years old. Nothing she says would ever bring him back but to just know where her train of thought or lack thereof. I don’t know. I just like to know the WHY, even tho’ the why rarely makes any sense it’s an answer. May Merlin Santana forever R.I.P.

Monique King at 15

Regardless of her age she knew what she was doing and should have gotten more time for her role in the murder of Merlin Santana.