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No matter where you are or where you come from or need to go opportunities can be ahead, you just have to seek out the opportunities. I doesn’t matter who or what you parents are or were or did not become, know that you can do and be better.

I did not know that HIGH SCHOOLS scouted students. I did not know any school would scout a student based on their academic performance. My middle son a Middle School Student (8th grader) has been receiving letters and I’m told more will follow but he’s been receiving letters for the last few weeks from the local High Schools with applications for him to participate in their programs and the benefits of their program. I have never heard of this, and I am so excited and proud of my son.  The offers has been awesome. Some offer scholarships and the opportunity to gain enough credits while in High School he will enter into college as a Sophomore. I am more excited than he is. I knew what school I didn’t want him to go to, but I have no clue what school given all the options he will attend. I have to do my research and do what will be best for his current chosen major which is graphic designs more specifically video games design. You really never know the gift you’re giving birth to. All the children who have been murdered, the loss is so great and the world will never have the opportunity to know it. Protect our children, give them the opportunity to grow and be who they were born to be. No it’s not easy raising them, especially for us single mother’s but the rewards can be so great. Let’s do all we can to protect and encourage our children. Allowing a child to have their way and not pushing them to be and do their best does not help them. I don’t have perfect children and I’m far from a perfect mom but, they are still children and I’m just taking the lessons learned with my first child and doing my best to help my last 2 children meet and exceed their own expectations and mines. I pray they can stay on the path they are on and I ask for your prayers of encouragement as well. Thank You:-)