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JailBirdOf all the people who roam this great land freely, why do we women more times than men desire someone who is locked up? As a person who had worked in a prison this concerns me. Are prisoners the new in thing to have? I’m just trying to get some clarity on the subject. I see people on FB every day who are asking  questions of how to make their relationship work with someone they met in prison. How easy is it to meet someone for the first time while they are in prison. I know it happens I know someone very well who did this. They were together for years while he was in prison and only for months once he was released. The biggest concern is the more heinous the crime the more interest in the offender. Rapist and murderers tend to receive the most mail and not hate mail either. These letters are from women who have minor children and they are willing to not only risk their lives but the lives of their children. Some of you marry these men and they are “prisonally” married to someone else while they are serving their time. These offenders are spending more “QT” time with your husband than you most likely ever will. No prevention protection is provided so these inmates expose themselves to various diseases and then they are released into society and return home to a new wife who is eager to consumate the marriage and will not use protection because this is her husband. I could go on but I really just don’t want to. I’m just concerned with the way many women are thinking right now. I get it, no one wants to be lonely but you’re still alone because he’s locked up. How much company can he be over the phone? However if you think dating/marrying someone who is in jail or prison allows you to know where they are and what they are doing, boy you have got it all wrong. You may know where they are, but you have absolutely no clue what better yet who, they are doing. I’m not going to say don’t date men who are serving time. People make mistakes and some are able to learn from them, just don’t the set the bar so low. Don’t get caught up in the fascination of those beautiful letters you receive. He’s paid for those pretty words and the drawings odds are he’s paid someone to do that too, question becomes how was the other prisoner compensated. From what I saw it takes a strong mind to not become institutionalized especially for those who are serving lengthy sentences. Just like with the men here on the Streets you must be careful with the men you choose to date serving time. As for men, from what I gather the biggest issue was for the older men or those who receive a government check be it a disability check or Social Security Check, the female prisoners scam y’all out of y’all money. Making promises of marriage upon release and then getting ghost, never to be seen or heard from again. This was such a major issue the State of FL was considering making it against the law but someone took it to court and won so, as of now many men must be careful so they don’t lose their saving and all they have worked for. I found that odd because it happens to women more than men IMO but the state was going to target female offenders. Plus women form relationships too with one another. Just know regardless of who you are dating/marrying someone serving time is not easy. The risk is just as high or higher as dating someone on the outside and to be honest to find yourself with someone living a double life, the odds are quadrupled with dating someone serving time. The main thing is to know the risk and come to a wise conclusion, but don’t gamble with your children’s safety. Don’t lie to a parole officer by saying a sex offender can come and stay with you b/c you don’t have any children and come to find out not only do you have children, you’re operating a home daycare. Think wisely, think safely, take more time than usual to get to know who you are dealing with and make an informed decision, but think before you take that leap. Oh I almost forgot the most important thing. Go to the state the inmate is serving time home page and find out Why they are in prison and When they will be released. Don’t believe the hype, it’s all public information in EVERY STATE also keep in mind if the inmate gave an alias their Department of Correction name will their “real name” and the name their parents gave them for lack of a better term will be the alias. To get the truth you just have to do your research and realize they not serving time for jaywalking an old lady across the street. Be safe, Be safe, Please Be safe!!!!!