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good habitsGood Morning. Well I’m not to the point where good habits are leading me completely yet. Them bad habits keep rearing its ugly head, but I”m getting there. It took me some time to Q.U.E. and take control and quit my bad habits. Mainly drinking Coca Cola’s like they were going out of style like many people are doing those Hostess Twinkies. I can do without a Twinkie, actually now I can do without Coca Cola, a year ago I would have said no, not possible. I have increased my water not as consistent as I had been lately I’ve been adding too many flavor packets but no pop/soda since last month. I realized this and kicked it back up yesterday so only pure water for a while now. Take control of your health. Know your numbers and know your risk. Doctors are only as good as an informed patient. Be aware of your bodies. I’m still learning mines, but I am paying attention. If you’ve been saying you’re GOING to start eating healthy and drinking more water, now is a good time to do so. I put off getting off Pop/soda for about a year or more mainly because I told myself I needed it to help reduce my stress. I started out drinking the Vanilla Cokes for taste and before long I was getting them by the caseload because I convinced myself that I needed them. So bottom line is take one step to getting healthy, and more will definitely follow. Good luck, don’t delay. Enjoy your Friday and have a safe weekend. As always Be Blessed and be a Blessing to Others.