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Connecticut School Shooting tearful ObamaMy heart is truly aching. I have been watching CNN for the last hour or so. I began watching CNN just before POTUS spoke. I’m angry, I’m frustrated but yet I am still hopeful. I’m not really sure what more I can say. Here is what I had to say on my FB page. Before I get to that I’m not politicking but our government must this is not an option our government must step up and shut down the NRA too many of our politicians sit silently on addressing the issue of gun control and toughening the gun control laws b/c of the so called power of the NRA. Babies young children little people who will never know what life is really about die on these streets everyday. More than 20 students while at school doing what they were supposed to be doing killed in their own classrooms. I hear it on CNN now is not the time to address the issue of gun controls if not now then when. Many parents waited for their children to come safely running out of that school and 20 parents were told their child, their baby was dead. THE TIME IS NOW, THE TIME HAS ALWAYS BEEN NOW TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE OF GUN CONTROLS. All these children who witnessed these horrible, horrible executions. Their lives will never be the same. Many will have to face the horror next year when they have to return to classes. All these students need counseling ALL. I pray the families who are grieving tonight can find the strength to move forward.

From FB…How many times does this shit have to play out for these Jack asses to get the message and do something about these weapons getting in the wrong hands. As I’ve said before I’m all for the right to bear arms but if it would stop all the murders and shooting rampages and make life safe for our children I’ll give up that right. Babies, children are dying everyday on these streets, they can’t even go to school and be safe. I am so pissed and fed up. These punk cowards launch an attack on our children. My mind says they should meet a firing squad but as a person who has worked in prison, if they have not killed themselves I am just now watching POTUS on CNN but if they have not killed themselves BUBBA is real and will make them wish they were dead once they get to prison. Our government gotta step up put the NRA in their place and save our babies. My prayers go to any parent who grieves the loss of a child especially due to violence. According to CNN one is dead. Killed his own mom a teacher and her students. My God please help us. They got everything else in these schools drugs, guns, death, they need to let GOD back in. Hug ya babies, pray for those grieving. Talk to your children and know how Blessed we are to still be able to hold and have our children safely with us.

Connecticuit school shooting

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted… Matthew 5:4