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I just discovered my son doesn’t like my music. Usually it’s my children playing their music using the satellite or on Disney today is mommy’s turn. My son came in from school heard my music playing and me singing and asked if he could go outside I turned and gave him a shocked look and said sure. Either my singing or my music put him out, most likely it was my singing, Lol, it’s ok anyways it’s a good thing. All this time I just had to play my music to get him off games and outside, boy how slow I’ve been. I’ve been trying to get him motivated about being outside for years. This is the child who I told to go outside and play some years ago, and he asked me if he could put the little TV and PlayStation on the porch so he could still play it. I told him nice try, and waved my hand at him, he wasn’t happy but he got the message but in true fashion I had to make him come in the house as it started to get dark. I told him one hour, he stayed out for hours b/c his cousins came over. Pretty much if his cousin who visits next door from time to time doesn’t come and get him to go outside he doesn’t go. I know the secret now…….