I’ve been up for about an hour now. I just can’t sleep. I woke up and checked on my babies. With a grim of a smile. Not a complete smile because as thankful as I am that my babies are safe and home with me right now, I’m still angry and hurting for the parents who can’t do the same thing at this very moment. I’m back to watching CNN. Most government facilities are built to protect the people in them, have various security personnel at these locations to ensure the safety of the people and items in them. How our schools are built and protected must be addressed. We assume a lot, we can no longer assume nothing. Protect our babies at all cost. I hear so much about funding for this funding for that, the government waste more money than these agencies can ever spend. The Superintendent of my children’s school sent a message out that once school reconvenes next month they will address the issue of security in our local school, and to that I say they sure will. I will be in contact with the Marion County School Board. With the murders that have occurred in CT yesterday and the incident where a gun made it on school property and the lack of concern about these guns and ammunition you better believe I will be in contact with these local administrators. All too often we wait for something major to happen to move well, it’s time to move. We do not need for anymore children to be targeted, attacked and slaughtered like a piece of meat. My heart just goes out to all who grieves the loss of a child, especially as a result of violence. It just should not happen.