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The violence that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT hits very personal. The majority of the victims were babies who were targeted. These babies were not caught in the crossfire. Their deaths wasn’t a result of anything the parents did other than that of which many of us parents do everyday, send our children to school. I could careless about the mental instability of the gunman. It doesn’t matter to me that he may have had a mental condition and faced some issues. We all have and continue to face issues. To a certain degree we all have some form of Mental deficits. Living everyday life can be mentally draining but there are things that you just don’t do. I don’t condone suicide, but if one is that miserable with themselves, don’t take innocent people with you, just kill yourself. For this person to take the life of his mom, then go to a school and target the staff who did their best and gave their lives to protect so many children is just reprehensible. To hear of so many young lives lost all at once, and the confirmation of their young ages is breathtaking. To see their beautiful and handsome faces pulls at the core of my existence. Today I spent so much more time just looking at my babies. Just looking at them living and having the opportunity to be children. I didn’t worry today about what I needed to do for them, and couldn’t, I just spent the day knowing and enjoying the fact that they made it home safely and were here with me. They were their typical loud selves at times, today, I didn’t say a word. I went to tell them to tone it down, but something stopped me. I just smiled and Thank God, they were here for me to hear their noise. My thoughts have been with the parents everywhere who will never hear their children’s laughter or children at play being children again. My thoughts have been particularly with the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary because these children were maliciously and with premeditation sought out. This wasn’t an accident. I take solace in the fact that I know God stretched his hand out to these babies and pulled them out. There are things I wish would have happened but I am Thankful for what did happen. While 26 lives were lost yesterday hundreds of others were spared, they were saved. Children and staff came face to face with the devil and won. The devil only made one friend and gained one new soul yesterday, and God gained so many new Angels. As I prepare to turn in for the night, I must extend heartfelt prayers or strength, love, encouragement, endurance, condolences, perseverance, an anything else these survivors may need. I don’t know why such ugliness was allowed to occur but I do know God was there and in all this darkness there is light. I know their souls are Resting In Paradise, with God. Be Blessed and be a Blessing to Others. Good Night All!