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Flag at half staff

Earlier today a man set his house on fire and shot at responding firefighter killing at least 2 wounding others. Webster, NY is right outside of my hometown Rochester, NY some of my friends have moved over there and I used to shop in the town of Webster often. 7 homes were lost as a result of this person’s actions. This guy apparently beat his grandmother to death back in the 80’s was released in 2006 to the Parole board. IMO beat your Grandma to death should have gotten life, I as the sister with full knowledge of the attack most definitely wouldn’t give you a place to stay. His sister is missing and it is my belief she’s in the home that was totally burned. No official statement as been made stating so tho’. I was informed that as of earlier tonight authorities did not know if anyone was in the other 6 houses. They could not get anyone out due to the shots being fired at them, the gunman turned the gun on himself and is reportedly now deceased. I was told that this was a scene out of Chicago Fire a show that comes on every week. This guy was I believe over 60 years old. He knows fact from fiction. Again my prayers are with all families affected by this horrible attack. May God’s love provide comfort to all of you.