Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas. My children has and continue to enjoy theirs. Just amazes me, all that Santa has poured into making the best Christmas ever years prior and the best Christmas’ ever are the one’s during the recession. Young people teach us more about Christmas than we can ever teach them. Well good people I have ate way more than I should have. I only made BBQ’d Oxtails, Mac N’ Cheese and a crispy salad. No desserts, yet I am stuffed. I am going to do my best to convince my little one’s to quiet down so I can quietly drift off to sleep and let them have their games to themselves. Be Blessed and Bless others. Good Night!!

Santa in HeavenI saw this on WDKX Facebook page. I thought this was so beautiful. Does something at your heart strings. I send this to all who are grieving the loss of a child at Christmas. May all who grieve find solace in the prayers of many.