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Chippettes dance game for the Wii

The other night as I was waiting for it to rain my daughter suckered me into playing the Wii with her. I can only tolerate so much of the Chippettes singing various songs. She never tires of it. The rain didn’t come until after midnight but it hung around for a while all through out the night into early morning so I did sleep well. I’m sure I’m going to play the Wii with her again tonight but note to self, purchase some games you (I) like. They have so many games not one do I enjoy playing. I don’t really have a problem with that, but if you want me to play get something I like. She wants the Just Dance 4 but unlike her, I have my limits. I guess she’ll have to do a whole lot of tutoring and saving to get that game, it’s $50. I hear it’s good but the prices are going to have to drop quite a bit before I get it. I want the Michael Jackson Experience, maybe I’ll treat myself for my birthday in a couple of months. We’ll see. So for now and possibly until I tell her I am done playing for the night, Good Night. Be safe, Be Blessed and be a Blessing to Others.