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2012Whatever 2012 is/was it’s up to us to safeguard what our life will be like in 2013. We need to decide by today, who’s worthy of carrying over into our New Year, 2013 and who isn’t. Everyone currently in your life is not worthy of staying in your life. If you didn’t have peace in 2012 with this person in your life, don’t expect to have peace in 2013 with this person in your life. Stress kills, don’t reduce your life b/c you refuse to remove the wrong people out of your life. We must purify ourselves from within and then work outward. What you don’t like about yourself today, begin the change. It could be your appearance, job, the way you carry yourself, the way you think, etc, regardless of what it is, make the change today! Welcome in a bright stress free 2013 full of possibilities. Happy New Year’s Eve!!