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Boys and men you may want to leave this post now. This post if mainly for young girls facing the issue of surviving the reality of changes their body is going through. Even tho’ I realize some men are raising their daughters, younger sisters, nieces, etc… so men you can stick around if you choose. Again this is mainly for young girls who Wake up and realize their body has sprained a leak, they have gotten their period for the first time. I’m a MoM Blogger these are issues as parents moms especially face with our daughters and other young girls. Personally I’m not prepared for the reality of my daughters menstrual but I know it’s coming, but it can take its time. There are some young girls I do know who are facing this issue for the very first time and are having difficulty with it. One issue they don’t want to carry a purse. As a young girl I remember having the same issue. Carrying a purse I felt drew attention to my situation. I didn’t want to carry a purse all the time and carrying a purse only when needed was putting my personal  business out there. Rebelling against carrying a purse is not going to work. Schools are and more will possibly in the future ban book bags. Missing school because your monthly came on is not going to work and honestly it’s not a valid excuse. What worked for me was, well first I started taking my moms purse, she fussed but I kinda think it’s expected. Then I started shopping around for cheap small purses and I’d match my purse to my shoes or my shirt. This is how I became a shoe fanatic, Lol. For the first few months you may want to keep items in your purse at all times because your period most often in the beginning will not come at the same time every month, and in hopes of preventing accidents in your clothes it is best to keep some form of personal hygiene items with you at all times. You may even find your period coming on multiple times a month in the beginning. I’m not trying to be for lack of a better word, disgusting, and I will always do my best to keep this blog PG but these are issues affecting millions possibly billions of little girls around the world. Ignoring it only make girls believe something is wrong with their bodies, an issue I had. There were things I just didn’t feel comfortable to talk with anyone about. Despite having my mom right there along with 6 sisters and many other women who would have possibly guided me in the right direction, it was me who didn’t feel comfortable to I wondered what was normal for my body. I wondered if I was normal. This blog post is in an effort to prevent that. Maybe a young girl will happen upon this site and it will begin a dialogue with her mom or adult in her life, maybe a mom or aunt, grandma or anyone will start a dialogue with their child to make sure they are comfortable with the changes their body is going through. Fortunately for many young people today they can do a quick Google and a multitude of information will be literally at their fingertips. However nothing beats having a one on one with someone close to you. There are various names for your Menstrual Cycle. The “grandmal” was a new one for me. I had never heard that term. So again, I know young people are going to talk to other young people but talk to an adult so they can help you pick out what items, brands, etc.. may work best for you and give you all of the information you will need to know. Young girls start their cycle at various ages. No age is set. Some start as early as 8-9 years of age and other females may not start until they are in their late teens. Bottom line is, you don’t know all you must know. It is very important to talk with an adult. It’s also important to remember your young and sexual activity shouldn’t be something you concern yourself with. Know that you can get pregnant and you’re at risk of getting STD’s. Many children today are raised by their grandparents or someone other than their biological parents, they still need for you to face what is happening with the lives you are responsible for, or care about. It’s not something we look forward to but it’s something they must face and we must not only face it with them but prepare them for what they will face. Remember each one, reach one, teaches one. I hope I have helped someone. Anytime you have any questions feel free to ask me. You can pose a here and I will post the question and then answer if you wish to remain unknown or you can inbox me on FB. Like I said it’s best to have a one on one with someone but I’ll do my best.