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I tossed and I turned for a great part of last night. For awhile there I wondered why can’t I sleep, so as always when something is bothering me or wakes me up, I pray or read my Bible, early this morning I was up praying and I found myself praying about the safety of my children today at school. I knew I had concerns as many parents have today but I didn’t realize they were this bad.  I’m excited for my children to go back to school but then it dawned on me the horrors which occurred in Newtown, CT just a few short weeks ago and my mind would not allow me to sleep. I began praying not just for the safety and well-being of my children but all of our children, even our children who are attending or away at college. I hope many people are praying for the safety and well-being of our children. Not just today but everyday. We said good-bye to 2012, sadly some were forced to say goodbye to loved ones way too soon in 2012. God knows the need and I pray God place Angels around each and every one of our children keeping them safe from harm. Young people be alert, be safe, have a good day at school and we’ll see you later, when you get home from school. We all must make contact with our Local School Boards and find ways to enhance the safety of our children while in route to school and while at school. Don’t sit on your hands looking for someone else to do something, and nothing gets done.

Good Monday Morning all, Be Blessed and have a Blessed Day!!