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Earlier today while on FB I had posted the following:

When is it appropriate to permit young girls to wear Victoria Secret? My daughter was given VS’s Endless Love as a Christmas gift. I know the lady who gave it to her, there wasn’t any ill intent but I just don’t find it appropriate for a young girl of 10. Maybe a young girl of 16, but definitely not 10 or younger, IMO. My daughter she wears lotions and body sprays but When That So Raven was out she had a body and cologne set, she has a Wizard of Waverly Place set, and she has Twizzlers and Watermelon sets but I just believe that VS may get her the kind of attention she is not prepared for from the wrong people, especially adults. These young girls today have grown looking bodies and baby faces, only thing is who’s looking at their faces? Tell me your belief on the topic. I’d like to hear from everyone but I’d especially like to hear from the men. Fathers,Stepfathers, uncles, granddad, etc….

A few ladies stated convincing statements for and against. I’m still against my 10-year-old daughter wearing VS however in about 3-5 years I’d be okay with it. Not quite so sure right now. I enjoyed the dialogue we were having. I would have liked to hear from some men. Hear how they would feel about their young daughters or any young girls they mentor with be it family, friend or professionally walking around smelling like a grown woman. To raise these young men and women it takes a village. We learn from each other. Sharing our beliefs we may help another parent rethink their position. Sending these young people to school wearing adult cologne and body sprays I’m not too sure about. I question what make these teachers attracted to our children. What make anyone attracted to our children. There is no guarantee regardless of what we do to try to keep our children safe but there are things we should do in the name of safety. I’m pretty sure perfume and the issue of the type of clothing my daughter is going to WANT to wear in the future is going to be an issue, so I’m trying to brace myself mentally. Please feel free to stop by www.facebook.com/Que274 to see today’s post and feel free to statement your thoughts here.