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Whos watching on the internetA young girl is kind of upset with me today. Last week while looking up something or someone else on FB her profile came up, so I checked it out. I viewed her photos. There were photos that I felt was inappropriate for a child of 11-12 years of age. Really for anyone but definitely a child of that age. There was at least one photo wherein I and anyone else could see clear down her shirt. She was laying upside down, I don’t know if she was holding her shirt or her shirt was too low but the photo revealed IMO too much. I alerted her parent to my findings b/c I would hope that if someone saw an inappropriate photo of my son or daughter they would tell me. Young people post photos and information about themselves and are not aware or concerned with their safety. A boy at her school could take the photos to mean more than she’s intending them to mean and she could be hurt badly, physically and emotionally. I’m sorry this little girl is upset with me. Will it stop me, absolutely not. Her settings were not private anyone could see her photos, she didn’t display her address but she displayed her area anyone determined enough could have found a way to get to her. So given the risk I’d rather have her safe and alive, mad at me than physically, mentally hurt or dead. I tell my children I’m your mother you’re getting upset at me over my rules is part the course, I’m not this little girls mother, but being a parent is not a switch you can just shut off. I love all children. The safety of all children is vitally important to me, so if I can save a child from anyone, including themselves I will and I believe it’s a way all adults should be. If we keep quiet on what we see young people do, and they are later harmed I can’t imagine the guilt that would bother me. Her being upset with me I can live with. That doesn’t bother me, in the least bit, her getting harmed would bother me. Safety overrides Privacy at all times. Your children, my children, their children, ALL CHILDREN. Young people if you don’t want your parents or guardians to see the post/photo don’t share with anyone. Once you share your post or photo with one person you lose control of who does and or does not see it.