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My daughter and I were talking earlier tonight. She had on a shirt and she was right up under me, as she usually is, but she raised her arm and I caught a glimpse of her armpit area. It was darker than I felt it should be. So I looked under her arm and told her that she was starting to get hair tiny hair under her arm. I went onto tell her she must take extra time to clean herself to make sure she’s fresh and clean. She says to me, “okay, so that means I’ve started my period”, with a complete and puzzling look on my face because we have not discussed this I say “Huh, what!! where you get that from? She says one of her classmates told her once you get hair under your arms that means you’ve started your period. I told her no it doesn’t, and tell your classmate that’s not what it means and she needs to talk with her parents. We had a brief discussion of what a period is. We didn’t get into an in-depth discussion because she’s not there yet. I’m delaying things as long as her body allows. Given the changes I’m seeing I don’t have too much longer but I’m still going to take full advantage of whatever time we have. This is why we need to talk with our children. For young people reading this it’s important for you to ask an adult when things go on with your body so you don’t get wrong information like my daughter did.