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Worry is a waste of timeI am over joyed today. Today we, well my middle son more so but he and I received the letter to top all letters. There was a High School in our local area he wanted to attend. Thing was we had not received a letter of offering from them. I wanted him to attend the High School with the best opportunities for him. Well the letter he wanted came today. He’s been smiling and I have been cheesing. We will attend the Open House next month to make it official. I had been praying for him to get into some kind of program so he can succeed at his dream of graduating with a Graphical Design degree. You see my son is not the athletic type and all I knew was I could not afford to send him to college. He’s good at Basketball but does not wish to play the sport. A few years back his PE teacher who happens to be a Coach at his school kind of rained on his parade and truly discouraged him when he told him the only way for him to get to college was to play sports. I told him that was not true. There’s Academic Scholarships that he could get, he just have to do his part and keep his grades up. I prayed and I prayed for things to work out for the best. I was praying for window sized blessings but GOD delivered blessings that no one room could ever contain. The offer from the school he had been hoping for will allow him to walk across the state with his High School Diploma AND Two Year College Degree in his hands at the same time, free of charge. As I’m typing this I’m still for lack of a better word, ecstatic. I’m just your everyday average single mother of 3 children. I didn’t come from money and I still don’t have any. I pushed all my children to excel academically. Do their best because regardless of what anyone may try to take from you, they cannot take your education. Once you have it, it’s yours. I pushed all 3 of my children but my last two the hardest because of the mistakes I learned from my first child. It has not been easy. When they came in from school I was at work. Yet they still knew, if you hungry grab a bite to eat and then it’s homework time. I believe in getting the homework out the way ASAP. If they needed my help then we’d do what they needed help with once I got home. I’ve heard (read) for the most part but I’ve heard some so many excuses from parents and guardians as to why their child(ren) is not doing better in school. Despite the excuses I tell them, they will give you what you are willing to take. It’s what I did with my parents and it’s what my children have tried to do with me. My mom tells me all the time, “you’re daddy and I was not as hard as you with your schooling as you are on your kids.” My response is, I know, which is why I push my children so hard. I flunked the first grade, I made it up by graduating from the 11th grade but my behavior affected my grades. I’d come home, both of my parents would be at work and instead of doing my homework I’d go outside. I called and spoke with my children on speaker asking them about their day, if they had homework, and if they had done it. If they didn’t have homework the first hour was “study hour”. Every parent says they want their children to do better than they did. Well this is my way of making sure that happens. My oldest he got through high school without any children, I had him 3 days after I completed my 9th grade school year. My middle son all the opportunities I’ve mentioned I just didn’t know was academically possible and my daughter she’s on the road to have a perfect elementary record. Her school started logging Honor Roll in the 1st Grade and she’s had Honor Roll every semester, every year. Next year is her last year in Elementary and if she keeps it up and I’m praying she does, she will have a perfect score of A/B Honor Roll. I got Honor Roll for the first time in Middle School. I pray and talk to God often, several times a day. My blessings may not come in the form I want them to at the time but they are definitely coming the way I need them and by the time I need them to. I was praying for window sized blessing but I thank God, he had bigger plans. Don’t settle for less than the best from your children and don’t allow them to accept less than the best from themselves. It’s hard to keep them motivated and my middle son would cry and get so frustrated b/c I was pushing him so hard when no one else would. Today I asked him, honestly are you happy I pushed you, with a half-smile on his face, he said yes. I said be honest don’t just tell me anything, he nodded his head and said yes again. I told him to tell me why. He said b/c of what he’s able to do now. My sons PE coach almost totally shattered his life. He was so discouraged when his PE teacher said without a sport scholarship he would not get to college. I told him yes you can. I pushed him and he pulled but I pushed harder and I did not give up and I did not allow him to. I could have an I told you so moment, but I won’t. We’re about to dive into our first game of Millionaire Monopoly. Somehow I’m gonna have to convince my daughter to shorten this game, Monopoly tends to be long. Enjoy your evening everyone. God’s love and Blessings to all.