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Love Your ParentsAs children some of us are so wrapped up under our parents. Then we get older, become teens then adults and we don’t give our parents the time they are worthy of. My parents raised their children. Some may disagree and have a problem with how they were raised and or allowed to or not allowed to do but they raised us as best they knew how. People can write a best-selling books but no one book is going to work for all children. I raise my children as best as I know how. It’s not a popularity contest and they do not always agree but I am doing my best to help guide them to a better future. Will my children be there for me if I need them they say they will I had to ask given all that I’ve seen in the last 5+ years of adults who for their own reasons are not their for parents who did their part and raised them. Oddly I know people who parents were not there did not do their part and instead of raising them they abandoned them. To not be there for my parents is for me unfathomable which makes it hard for me to understand other people not being there for their parents. Once they take that last breath all that you love you had to give but didn’t won’t matter, all the time you had to give and be there as they wanted or needed you to be and you chose not to or allowed someone else to make that decision for you won’t matter, ALL THE EXCUSES YOU CAN THINK OF AND USE NOW WILL NOT MATTER AFTER YOU REALIZE YOUR PARENT IS NO LONGER ALIVE, there no longer here to be put on the shelf and taken down when you feel like being bothered with them. Don’t just tell your parents you love them SHOW YOUR LOVE, AND THE BEST GIFT OF LOVE YOU CAN GIVE TO YOUR PARENTS WHO GAVE YOU THEIR TIME, IS YOUR TIME. I show my mom, EVERYDAY. My mom had a heart attack in 99′, stroke in 08′ and I have been in her corner by her side every step of the way for the last 13+ years. I was there for my dad through his brief illness. I was there as I believed he’d want me to be in his death, and even tho’ most had left I didn’t leave the cemetery until the undertaker put the top on the vault and was securing it, then I felt my time to take care of him was done, so I left and focused solely on my mother and my children. I realize everyone is not like me and I sacrifice a lot but there’s more than one way to give back a portion of what was given to you. I know this is long but it needs to be said. Quit Using Excuses get off your butt and go take care of them however needed/wanted your parents/guardian as BEST you can. If your parents didn’t do anything else they gave you life, help them make their life as comfortable as possible especially when it appears they are not living in their last days, they are living in their last hours to moments. A guilt free life is the best life. Don’t be there, don’t do all you can the guilt WILL eat at you from the inside out someday. Maybe not be today, may not be tomorrow but trust know and believe, the guilt will be heavy. Avoid it and do all you can NOW!!

I posted this to my FB page moments ago and decided to post it here as well. For those of you getting this twice I apologize.