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Blog Post 1000I am amazed. When I started this Blog March of last year I didn’t even know where to begin, what to say. I guess I found a lot to talk about in a relatively short time, LOL. Less than a year is short to me. My blog is not where I’d expected it be right now but I’m well on my way. I’m claiming 2013 as the year for me to fulfill my dreams. I’m the 13th child, my second child was born on the 13th day of his birthday month and well  It’s the year 2013. I could be over thinking it but time will tell. I’ve started my Good News Jar of 2013. We’ve put some things in it. My daughter would have it’s almost full by now but she wanted EVERYTHING to go in there. I had to explain the concept to her again. Okay as you can see I’m babbling but hey it’s my 1000th Blog Post and I didn’t know what to say on my 1st Blog Post so why should this be any different :-). Enjoy your Sunday everyone.