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You Inspire me per a childSometimes I find myself off in thought. When I look at my children I see innocence, when I look at my younger two. I see life, their future. I smile but then I’m overcome with fear. I sometimes look at my children and given the reality of the cruel, hate and hurtful people of our world I find myself worrying about their safety, about their future. I pray and I pray some more. Yet I understand that children who were harmed and or murdered, many had praying families too. So many young people are harmed and or killed just doing everyday things, things they are supposed to be doing. I look at my youngest child, my daughter who several years from now we’ll be selecting colleges for, I look at my middle child, we just selected the high school he’s expecting to attend next year and before I know it we’ll be choosing colleges and at college he’ll soon be. Knowledge is power but it can also be down right frightening. Young people disappear, either never to be seen again or not seen for decades or more. Young people are murdered and or brutally assaulted. I find myself asking, how can I protect my children, how can we protect our children? We live in a cruel cold world. I realize I can’t protect my children from everything as a parent I honestly wish I had a magic wand where I could, but there are just some things no child, no person should ever endure. I don’t want my fears/concerns to override their right to live but life doesn’t end at 12, or 15 or even 25. At 25 really is when life begins. High school years are done, possibly college too, have some life experience under ya belt and actually may be learning and accepting exactly who you are. I know the answer won’t be found tonight if ever but it’s something I find myself thinking. Praying for God to Bless and Protect all of our Children, those big and small. Be safe, be Blessed, be a Blessing to others and Have a Good Night!!