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A B Honor RollMy daughter received her HONOR ROLL CERTIFICATE today. I am so proud of her. If it seems like I’m bragging I just may be but it’s worth bragging about. I’ve never done this, matter of fact I didn’t get Honor Roll until middle school, and my older two children never did this so for my daughter to get Honor every report card every year since 1st Grade which is when they start the Honor Roll program with elementary students has me beyond excited.

My 2nd child got A’s, B’s and that ONE STINKING C AGAIN. Ughhhhhhhhh!!! This time in Science a class he usually have an A in. Just about to drive me insane. Art class was his fear. He’s done with art and both Report Cards he got a B in Art. I know some say I am obsessing for lack of a better word or being picky. I know my son is doing well and I praise and give him credit, but I KNOW he can do better. He’s capable of getting straight A’s but mommy accepts B’s so he delivers B’s. I’m okay with that but if he can score high FOURS on these Florida FCAT’s then I know he can get at the very least straight A’s and B’s. Many students struggle to get a Two on FCAT and he says the test “are easy” so C’s should not be on his report card. I refuse to give up, even tho’ I must admit when I first looked at his report card my first words were, “I GIVE, I AM THROWING IN THE TOWEL”, no I’m not he wish.

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I am adding my daughter who nicknamed herself

Pretty Girl

Honor Roll or not never Quit trying. If a C or even a D is the best you can do parents/Guardians can accept that but if you spend more time playing, talking/ texting, really anything to avoid studying at home and making sure all school work is done at home and in class then you are not doing your best. Don’t do just enough because your teacher or parents say you have to, do your best because you know you need to. Like I tell my children GRADES ARE EQUAL TO MONEY, THE HIGHER YOUR GRADES, THE MORE MONEY YOU COULD MAKE. The LOWER your GRADES the odds are the LOWER YOUR PAY could be. This isn’t true for everyone but for far too many.