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Weight scale upside downWouldn’t this be ideal 🙂 Okay waking up from the day dream. I have slacked off so posting here and holding myself accountable to more than just myself is imperative for my success, I’ve learned. I’ve also learned that in order to fulfill my water obligation I must have bottled water. Drinking from a glass I have too much ice, less water than I eat the ice and I’m not meeting my 64 oz minimum, my goal is to drink as close to 128 oz (one gallon) per day. My sleeping pattern shifted so I must get that back under control as well. All the things we hear that we should do in order to successfully get rid of pounds I was doing then for the last month or so I started doing the opposite. I can’t afford to do that. I went to the Dr.’s the other day. My BP was 20 points higher than normal My Dr. says “as an African-American you’re BP is still good” but I want it to be where it should be period, not just as a Black woman. I was 140/80 when my BP had always been around 122-125 over 79-81. So I’m getting things back on track. I’m not committing to post really any day of the week unless others decide to join I’m just going to share my progress no less than once a week. I was doing too good and I refuse to start messing up now. I started back to drinking Pop. I didn’t drink them like I had been but I broke the 3/12ozs in one week rule. So I’m back to water and powdered drinks, water more so than anything. I just got back on track around Sunday and I am seeing results, AGAIN already. Well here I go, feel free to join me. Either way in my George Lopez voice “I GOT THIS” :-))