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Showers White ColoredWe have come a long way from what life was like for many of you, our ancestors and many others. Black people took on the fight to have equal right just like White people. They were born into this right we had to fight for it. White people had basically declared war on us and Blacks resisted and declared war on them. Problem is now Blacks who came before us, laid down their life and risked the life of those they loved have fought and won the war in so many ways we use the excess time to declare a war against each other. If we can unite and fight the wars declared against us then we MUST unite and stop the wars we have declared against one another. 500+ murders in Chicago. I am willing to almost bet everything I have as little as that may be but I am willing to bet all that I own that the majority were committed by Blacks against other Blacks. More Blacks have killed other Blacks in the last 30 years than all of our ancestors who were lynched and just slaughtered in one way or another by White people. To stop it there were marches, sit ins, boycotts, etc, etc, what will we do to save us from our own people. If we can unite and fight the hate of others then we must unite and stop the hate that has Blacks killing other Blacks. We got far too many Black Mother’s and Father’s burying their children and far too many Black Mother’s and Father’s going to prison to visit the murderer. The violence must stop. If no one else can hurt/kill us, then let’s stop hurting and killing one another.