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There's no harm in biting MY nails!! Oh yes there is.

There’s no harm in biting MY nails!! Oh yes there is.

My daughter broke her perfect record yesterday. She had NEVER gone to the Emergency Room (ER) before. She’s bragged about this to her brothers and I’d tell her bragging is going to get you a trip. Well yesterday was that day, she did good it took 10 years to happen. Her brother went popping wheelies (following his OLDER cousins) on his tricycle off a concrete step fell face first into the pavement and pushed his two front teeth up into his gums he was about 18 months when he got his first ER visit and her other brother asthma started when he was about 2.  The craziest part is, it could have totally been avoided if she had listened and stop biting her nails as I have been telling her for some years now. I hear various people say “there really isn’t much harm in biting your nails”, believe em’ if you want to. She is taking an antibiotic and soaking her finger in warm salt water b/c biting her nails resulted in a fungal infection of her nail. Her finger from her nail back was swollen about 3 X’s its size and yellow puss was oozing out. She was fortunate they were able to squeeze the puss out or they were going to have to cut her finger to get the yellow puss out. I am sharing this for other young nail biter’s maybe even some old ones too. She claims she is not going to bite her nails again because she is in fear of her finger getting cut.  So far (24 hours) I can say I have not caught her biting her nails not even once. Waiting to see how long it last. It may take up to one year for the infection to go completely away. Just to let you know your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body. For those who touch EVERYTHING and don’t wash your hands too often but still put your hands in your mouth, good luck with that. Remember a Hard Head Makes a Soft, no, A Hard Head Makes A Painful Avoidable Situation, and it could break your perfect record for no ER visits for nothing. Wash Your Hands, there is no such thing as too much hand washing and don’t bite your nails, Quit Using Excuses 🙂