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What's Going OnWell not too much has been happening in the past month, nothing out of the ordinary. My son and I did attend the meeting at the school where he would attend High School and College at the same time. He’s excited about the program but I am way more excited than he is. The only problem is getting him to the bus stop. Not having a vehicle isn’t easy. Since the school isn’t his assigned school I must get him to a stop that would be 4-5 miles+ from where we’re staying. I have been pondering over what should I do, I don’t want him to miss out on this huge opportunity. He’s done his part and I MUST do my part to make sure he’s able to go. I prayed and I worried, I worried and I prayed then frustration started to set in.  Yet the problem may have been solved for me. There’s an application process I wasn’t too sure about going through with the application just for him to get accepted then for me to have to say no, that is NOT a hat I want to wear. I can say no but not to this great opportunity for him. The program is awesome. He would graduate with his Two year degree with college students then about a month later he would walk the stage with High School Class. How great is that? Well I’ve decided I’m going to move forward and make all the arrangements I can make to get him there. He’s not missing out on this opportunity because of no one. Nothing and no one is more important than him getting into this program. I will move wherever I must as long as he is in this program and I am expecting my daughter who is 4 years behind her brother to attend the same school to seize the best of opportunities as well. I have to Q.U.E. and focus just on them they are doing far better than I could have ever asked for.


Weigh In/Fit In

I have manage to “squeeze” into anything new. I”m still hitting my water but not like I was. I really can’t grasp why I must drink from bottles of water or I won’t consume as much water. Crazy, huh. I haven’t weighed myself and I haven’t tried on anything new. I can still fit the clothes I wasn’t able to fit a year ago so I haven’t gained it all back. I can see where I’ve gained some or haven’t dropped anymore pounds. Most of it seem to be water weight b/c soon as I get back into my water, I notice my waist and my face shrink. Guess I need to start stepping on the scale again. My BD is this weekend so meeting my goal is totally out of the question but I refuse to lose my focus. I have a year and some days until my 40th BD so a lot can happen in that time. Hopefully a lot of good actually a lot of great things will happen in that time including, a healthy substantial dropping of excess pounds and rebuilding of muscle. My Good News jar is not that full but there’s still a lot of 2013 left to go. I’m working on a lot of things, I have faith things will work out in my favor. One thing about it, time will tell.