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HBD to MeToday is my 39th BD!! I am happy and very Blessed. Not in the ways I may like always but in more ways than many. This morning my oldest made breakfast for me, then dinner and they all baked me a cake, how sweet. Teasing with my oldest I told him even inmates get lunch, so what happened to my lunch, LOL. He told me you don’t usually eat lunch so don’t start on my watch, ok. Well thanks anyways. This is the first BD I haven’t had to do anything, they spoiled me. I went to help them with the cake b/c they were having difficulties and my daughter said no, ma today is your day, just tell us we’ll do it. It was my daughters idea to make a homemade cake, this will be the first on their own. Their not perfect but they my babies and I love em’.  Today has been a great day, but next year I will be down to my target weight and for my 40th I’m going to do something amazing.