After I made this post some people on another post speak ill of Trayvon Martin. They were in support of GZ but the facts don’t change. Trayvon Martin death has not be in vain. More people stood with the Martin family than against. Looking forward to the trial in June.

Quit Using Excuses

I have cruised various news sites and on these news sites I have witnessed finger pointing and personal attacks. On this site Q.U.E. blog site not one comment/person pointed a finger in any other direction except to Mr. Zimmerman, the man who killed young Trayvon Martin. We all came together from all around the world, all walks of life, various races, sex, nationalities, marital status, etc…. and we stayed focused on the issue at hand. For that I’d like to take the time to SALUTE everyone that has participated in one form or another in the discussions on Q.U.E. blog site. Thank You for showing that we can Q.U.E. and make this world truly a better place one person at a time for us as the adults but more importantly our children that we anticipate we will leave behind someday. Please pray for all parents that have lost a child and all children that are re-cooperating from…

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