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Tonight one year ago Trayvon Martin took his last breath. Not because he was doing anything wrong but because someone believed because the way he was dressed, the fact that he was Black and taking that little Neighborhood Watchmen post too serious, caused him to provoke a situation that ended with a grown man murdering a child. When I first heard of this case about a year ago, I gave GZ the benefit of the doubt. It’s always a sad situation when a young child dies but sometimes they can put you in a place where you have no choice. This was not one of those cases. By now many of you know how GZ stalked Trayvon and made him fear for his life. Then unprovokingly GZ would shoot and kill Trayvon with a bullet to the heart. My heartfelt prayers are always with Trayvon’s family.

Yet I don’t understand. So many people were outraged at a person of Hispanic descent killing a Black boy. You had business men and women walking hand in hand with hoodies on and up. Gang members who have killed many other Blacks before and many others since Trayvon’s murder but were outraged by the murder of Trayvon. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be outraged but what I am saying is that the murders that are committed in OUR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS everyday BY US AGAINST US is not acceptable either. These murders happen several times a day in Black neighborhoods throughout these United States of America. Last year I heard it said  several times over and over that when discussing the Trayvon Martin case, it was not the APPROPRIATE time to discuss Black on Black crime. The time IS now!! We have short memories and later very few will remember the case they were once marching for. NO ONE SHOULD KILL US, NOT EVEN US!!! BLACK ON BLACK CRIME MUST STOP RIGHT NOW AND IF WE DON’T STOP IT NO ONE ELSE WILL. This mentality of no one has the right to take the life of my people but me is a lie, its ignorant, morally wrong, illegal and just plain old hypocritical and down right stupid.

We should not need protection from each other. We have to watch ourselves when we’re around everybody else, we should be able to feel safe when we are amongst our own people. You mad about Trayvon a Black boy being murdered by George Zimmerman a Hispanic man, but it’s okay for you as a Black boy/man to turn around and murder another Black boy/man. I say Black boy/man because typically this is the case but it doesn’t matter male or female it’s not right and it’s not okay either. If you don’t like something about someone or that person altogether, leave them alone. I don’t care if that someone is your mama. Respectfully leave her alone. Too many Black people with so much potential to be great and do great things in this life is overcrowding jails/prisons and cemeteries. Young people not that old fools are not committing crimes but statistically its young people. Please for your children, my children and even for the benefit of yourself, Stop The Violence. THE TIME IS NOW TO STOP THE VIOLENCE!! We all CAN get along.