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Okay so I only got another 20 minutes in today. I am going insane but as I said, it’s all good. I must do this. I was watching the clock too. I pushed it to those 20 minutes. I promised myself that I’d do at least 20 minutes. By the time the clock showed those 20 minutes my body ached including my toes, why I don’t know but I’m gonna keep going. I may workout daily until I’m at the 45+ minute mark. Once I get there then I may go to every other day. Soon as I finish I get word my lil cousin was in an accident so out the door walking around the corner I went. Felt like I walked a mile and given these country corners I just may have. The main thing is he’s safe car is a different story but he wasn’t hurt and that’s really all that mattered to me. What is this on TV Mr. Michael Clark Duncan starring in it. “In The Hive” I’ve never seen or heard of this movie before and it just came on at 6 PM but it’s a trip. He’s playing a teacher and a student told him he’d kick his so and so. He told this student, it’s good to meet you, your big, but it’ll take you, your mama, your daddy and his daddy to kick my a@@, ROTFL. So far my favorite part of this movie. I must find and have this film. It’s on now on BET, I rarely watch BET so it’s really a coincidence I’m seeing this. We had it on BET for Family Matters, but it’s about students at an alternative school, well they just met the wrong one. and Ms. Loretta Devine isn’t playing the music in her role in this movie either. I haven’t seen much but it’s already a must see.