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Insanity Post

I’ve done some insane things in my life, and I have 3 children to prove it, so I figured why not give Insanity the workout by Shaun T. a try. The workout Videos were too costly for my blood/pockets to order so I figured I’d go about it another way. So I find what I can on YouTube and do what I see from the infomercials put it all together and I’m going to see where it goes from here. My first day was yesterday. The workout is insane. Within the first 10 minutes I was sweating and beat down. I told my oldest son I am finally as out of shape as he is. He’s younger, smaller but he’s always been more out of shape than me. I got about another 20+ minutes in I said I’m going to keep pushing myself no less than 5 days a week eventually getting to 45 min. to one hour. I’m not supposed to workout today but I woke up saying I would I haven’t yet but I believe I will, I figure as long as my mind is encouraging me and my body responds it’s a go. I started this in May and I’m still a long ways to go. Also I got into another pair of jeans yesterday. They were tighter than tight and I should have put them on and taken them RIGHT BACK OFF but I was too excited by the mere fact that I was in them. So needless to say, I kept them on. I even tried to workout in them but they were too tight and was not going to happen, Lol. My oldest son is my fitness instructor, -_-, we’ll see how this goes. I’ve been motivating him to motivate me hopefully he’ll get it together soon. My daughter is his assistant, she likes the idea of telling me what to do, my children are trips, so this is going to be interesting. With Insanity Shaun T says you’ll get 1 year results in 60 days. One guy was 400+ lbs. when he started supposedly he dropped over 200 lbs, I don’t need to drop that much. Not sure how much I believe where he started but I’m still going to try. I started this in May and I’m nowhere close to where I wanted or thought I’d be so I figured I’ll do these workouts. I realize without the complete set I may not get all the results those who purchase the videos get but I should get further than where I am now. I’m eating more salads than I ever have, and other fruits and vegetables so my eating habits have changed drastically so with the aggressive exercise routine it should increase my odds of being either real close or over my goal by May 2013. We’ll see how it goes. I have less than one year before 40 now so I gotta get it going. Want something you never had before or in this case haven’t had in a long time, you gotta do something you’ve never done and or have neglected to do in a long time. Taking better care of myself is something I haven’t done in too long. I kept telling myself I had age on my side, I had always been told gaining weight was part of getting older and or when I’d try to and fail I’d just give up. Failing is not an option. I fall off and I’ve falling way too many times but I just start right back up. Which is the reason I’m slowly crawling towards my goal but I’m still moving in moving. It’s time for me to stick to it, step my game up and get the body I want and have good health for a long time.