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beautiful weigh in scale

I haven’t weighed myself yet and I haven’t fit into anything new yet. I really haven’t seen many results from my work out routine visually. I haven’t worked out everyday as I would have liked to but I can say before when I first started I would set the number of reps and would not go over I’d do exactly as many as I had said I would. These past few days I’ve noticed I’ll reach my goal number then push myself just a little further. I’m very proud of that. I haven’t reached my goal of 45 minutes to one hour yet but I’m getting close, I now do more than 30 minutes wherein before I was stopping right at 20 minutes. I’d do all I could do in 20 minutes because I’d ache and be tired. I still ache. My oldest son, and personal trainer said well if you feel the pain when you do everyday things then you’re doing something right keep doing that. I know he’s right but that is not what I wanted to hear at that time from him, Lol. I also found the book called Eat This Not That for a dollar so I’m trying to develop some meal plans based on ideas out of the book. I also noticed that I had to tighten the tie on my pajama pants from the last time I wore them, usually I don’t just wash and dry then hop on in, that’s the only change I have noticed. It’s not much but its something to keep me motivated. I have never put so much effort into anything except raising my children. I am crawling, for that reason I have moments where I feel like throwing in the towel because I’m not where my mind tells me I should be but I know where I started from and the point I’m at right now. This is not easy, I didn’t expect it to be easy but I didn’t expect it to be so hard either. In my mind sometimes I see a before and after photo of me. The before is a picture of me not too long after my dad died 7/10 and the sad thing is I gained more weight in about a year and a half give or take a little before I decided to change things this past May. My after I’m not too small, but its only like a silhouette of me but I can clearly see I’m smiling so I must love where I’m going. I’ve seen the vision, now I just need to make it a reality. I’ve made so many changes and I am very proud of myself. I’ve done for me the almost impossible, erased all I had heard and retrained my thoughts. Stop saying what it’s too late for me to achieve and showing myself with effort I can still accomplish what has been said to be the impossible. I’m crawling to my goal but I’m still on my way. I make changes constantly to ensure my success. For that reason I am healthier and renewed.